Public Administrator/Guardian/Conservator

The Public Administrator manages estates and makes final arrangements for Sacramento County residents who die without a will or any known relatives able or willing to act on the decedent's behalf to manage and resolve the estate. Working through appropriate methods of probate, the Public Administrator manages the estate until proper distribution is completed.

The Public Guardian provides guardianship assistance for the estate of a minor when the estate assets are considered substantial and the parents are not available. However, conservatorship for the minor is not provided. Guardianships may be terminated when the ward reaches the age of majority, upon the death of the ward, or by court order.

The Public Conservator arranges for the personal care of an individual or the management of his or her financial affairs. Working under appointment by the court, a conservator may be assigned to either a person or an estate, or both. 

The conservator of a person arranges for:

  • Food and clothing
  • Housekeeping and personal care
  • Transportation and recreation

The conservator of an estate:

  • Manages all aspects of the conservatee's finances
  • Locates, controls, and protects the conservatee's assets

There are two units within the office of the Public Conservator

The LPS (Lanterman, Petris, Short Act) Unit assists those who are:

  • Gravely disabled due to a mental disorder or chronic alcoholism
  • Referred by a psychiatrist associated with a Short-Doyle facility, veteran's hospital or state hospital
  • Approved for conservatorship following an investigation and court hearing

The Probate Unit provides a conservator when a person is: 

  • Unable to provide for his or her physical needs (safety, food, shelter, and clothing), or manage financial resources
  • Referred by a relative, friend, public official, public agencies, or the Probate Court
  • Approved for conservatorship following an investigation and court hearing.

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The Public Guardian and Conservator provide services to Sacramento County residents.  The Public Administrator manages the estates and makes final arrangements of deceased individuals who were Sacramento County residents. 


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Public Guardian/Conservator
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