Become a Resource Family for Local Foster Children

​Do you want to make a difference in the life of a child? Foster care is the out of home care of a minor. Some children require temporary out of home care due to parental neglect, abuse or exploitation. Foster parents, also known as "resource families," provide love, parental care, guidance and stability to children until they can be returned to their parents or move to a permanent home through adoption or guardianship.
There is an ongoing need to find and maintain resource families who can support children and their families in their area. While homes are needed for all types of children, family homes for sibling sets, as well as teenagers and children with medical needs, are also needed. The Sacramento County Resource Family Approval (RFA) program supports, trains and offers guidance to resource families.

The Resource Family Approval Program:

• Recruits resource families
• Provides information and training to prospective families
• Evaluates potential resource family homes to ensure each meets space and safety requirements
• Interviews and assesses qualifications of prospective resource families
• Issues and updates resource family approvals
• Conducts annual inspections and complaint investigations when required

We Are Looking for People Who Can:

• Help children in temporary care families feel that they have a "home of their own"
• Help them maintain and improve relationships with others including parents
• Assist children with adjustment in school, community and new home environment
• Understand and respect the importance of the children's bond with their natural family
• Meet the needs of your own family while sharing your family with the children placed in your home
• Maintain the children's cultural, ethnic and religious preference
• Contact the reception office at 916-875-5543 for orientation dates and time or click on the link below
To Qualify, Applicants Must:

• Reside in the County of Sacramento
• Be at least 18 years of age
• Be in good health
• Each adult in the home must be willing to submit to a background check
• Have adequate bedroom space to accommodate all family members, including foster children
• Have a home which passes a safety inspection
• Have sufficient income to meet current expenses
• Be willing to complete required training
• Complete application packet online​

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