Update on opioid related overdoses and toxicology reports


Department of Health and Human Services
Sherri Z. Heller

4/11/2016 10:00 PM

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"We are encouraged to communicate that there have been no additional reports of fentanyl-related overdoses since the April 6th update," says Dr. Olivia Kasirye, Sacramento County Health Officer.  "It appears that the warnings regarding these counterfeit pills have reached individuals throughout the region." 

Regarding toxicology results, Sacramento County Coroner Kim Gin says, "We now have confirmation that eight of the ten deaths were fentanyl-related, seven from Sacramento County and one from Yolo County."  Officials are still waiting for the results of the remaining two tests.

Public Health continues to advise residents to decline from taking prescription-type pills that are not prescribed by and obtained from one's own physician and/or pharmacy. 

Any unused pills should be properly disposed of in appropriate containers or turned over to law enforcement.  If you believe that you are in possession of counterfeit prescription drugs please contact the DEA tip line at 530-722-7577.

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