Uma Zykofsky to be Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Services


Department of Health and Human Services
Sherri Z. Heller

4/24/2014 10:00 PM

Media Contact:

Laura McCasland    (916) 875-2008


Uma Zykofsky will be the Deputy Director of Behavioral Health Services, effective May 4, 2014.

Uma Zykofsky has been with the County since 1997 and currently serves as Human Services Division Manager overseeing Community-Based Mental Health Services.  Her experience with the County includes direct service, clinical supervision and administration in both the County and contract provider system.  She is currently responsible for program development and oversight for adult and children’s mental health programs.  Her work for the County includes a long tenure as the Division’s Quality Management/Compliance Manager, during which time she worked closely with the entire County-operated and contract provider system.

Ms. Zykofsky’s experience includes a wide range of skills as a multilingual, multicultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has worked in numerous multidisciplinary initiatives at the local level and is involved in important collaborations with State and Federal agencies as well as interested stakeholders, and advisory boards.  Ms. Zykofsky holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work.