Requesting CPS Records


Instructions for requesting Child Protective Services records

1.  Complete the CPS Records Request Form below and fill it out with as much information as possible. Please be advised that incomplete or inaccurate information may delay the processing of your request.

2.  Once completed, the request form may be emailed (preferred method) as an attachment to​. 
     The form may also be mailed to or dropped off at: 
            CPS Gatekeeper
            925 Del Paso Blvd, Ste. 500
            Sacramento, Ca. 95815


You wish to have the records emailed via secure link or mailed to you
You must submit the form below with signature and a copy of your identification. 
For email:  The requested records will be emailed to you via a secure link that requires login.  
For mail:  The requested records will be mailed to you via certified mail. 

You wish to pick up the records in personBring a picture ID to verify your identity.


3.  The CPS Gatekeeper will notify you when your request is ready for email, mailing, or pick-up.

4.  Records will be released if proper identification is provided.

5.  These instructions may be revised at any time. Please make sure to visit this page again should you need additional records in the future to ensure your request is submitted appropriately.

For any questions, contact the CPS Gatekeeper at or (916) 875-6350​.

NOTE: Under Welfare and Institutions Code section 827, it is not legal to disseminate/distribute CPS records to any other party without a court order.

images3Z72V774.jpg  CPS Record Request Form  

 images3Z72V774.jpg   CPS Record Request Form Instructions ​   ​​