Senior Volunteer Services


Become a Senior Companion
Each Senior Companion volunteer is assigned to a community-based organization or public agency and is supervised by professional program staff. The stations provide the necessary supervision to ensure that the volunteer is matched with appropriate clients who have varied needs and who represent diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

To Qualify

Do I Qualify?
  •  Age 55 or over
  •  Annual income which meets the designated low income standard, currently $1,861
     monthly for a single individual and $2,521 for a married couple
  •  Physically and mentally able to serve
  •  Have a desire to provide service to others and able to accept supervision as required
  •  Willing to commit to serve at least 15 hours per week
Are there any benefits?
  •  Nontaxable hourly stipend
  •  Transportation reimbursement
  •  Ongoing specialized training, and more
  •  Allowance for meals
  •  Community recognition
  •  Personal satisfaction
What would I do?
  •  Visit clients in their homes
  •  Offer transportation to needed medical appointments,
     senior nutrition centers or shopping
  •  Provide socialization/companionship
  •  Provide respite care for the spouse or primary caregiver
  •  Assist with correspondence, paying bills, obtaining community
     resources,translation/interpretation, and other related tasks
  •  Offer transportation and escort on social outings, such as to parks or
  •  Assist with errands
How can I apply?
Apply by contacting us and leaving your name and phone number
Phone: 916-875-3622
Or fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and mail it to us at:
Sr. Volunteer Services - SCP
P.O. Box 269131
Sacramento, CA 95826
Or complete the form and fax it to us: 
Fax: 916-875-3799


​Not Applicable

Contact Information

(916) 875-3631